The Instagram Reels Strategy Of Netflix India

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Movies and dramas have a huge role to play in influencing viewers. The impact of the appearance of a particular character, be it Salman Khan’s haircut in Tere Naam or Mughal-E-Azam’s anarkali’s that are worn even today, leave a lasting impression. People yearn to dress up like them. It gives them a sense of hope and does wonders for some positive motivation and self-care. Netflix India is cashing on this concept of using viewer aspirations and creating reels on Instagram to promote its current and new content. And to do this, Netflix India has roped in several influencers to create content that is engaging, understandable and can be emulated. Let’s see a few examples of these.

Promoting the movie ‘Ray’

To promote the movie Ray, which is a series of four stories by Bengali director Satyajit Ray, Netflix India roped in Anindita Bose to make a reel, in which she can be seen taking up a challenge of draping a Bengali Saree in under 30 seconds. A second reel fe… Read More

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