The ORTE Model: MailNinja’s Guide to Creating Emails that Get Results

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Most email marketing software allows you to send out well-timed newsletters. But how to keep the content relatable to your readers? How to make sure that you send out the “right” messages? Well, a crucial component of high-quality emails is sender authority. Whether you run an online website with cool games like Fruit Blast or sell hand-made lampshades, you need to first authenticate the area your recipients are residing in. When done right, it guarantees efficiency in your email delivery. And the MailNinja’s ORTE mannequin is here to help you with this. It consists of 4 core principles (Opportunity, Timing, Relevancy, Execution) of every successful email marketing campaign. Let’s take a closer look.


The most lucrative opportunities are in finding alternatives to all the ordinary steps in your email marketing strategy. The key is to try something completely different, aim at making your mark, be unique, and cut off the noise.

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