The power of audio branding with Uli Reese, Global CMO at amp

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The new world is fast-moving towards screenless ecosystems and brands don’t just need to be seen, they need to be heard.

Our Fast Five video series continues with Uli Reese, Global CMO at amp, an award-winning audio consultancy. As an Emmy Winner, musician, and author of ‘101GreatMinds’ Uli has helped educate brands and agencies on sonic branding and consumer behavior.

Dive in for exclusive advice on how CMOs can pioneer a sonic branding strategy that connects with consumers, locally as well as globally.


00:16: What power does audio have in the new world?

00:56: How does sound add a new dimension to brand identity?

01:40: What makes a great sonic brand?

02:48: How can brands tap into their customers’ feelings through audio branding?

04:00: What’s your advice to CMOs on audio strategy and multi-channel marketing?

05:34: Five key learnings

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