The reciprocity principle is the crucial term each marketer should know to be as great as Hammurabi

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The fact is, marketing is based on human behaviors. Psychological principles used in business are probably countless. Reciprocity norm is one of them. It is based on mechanisms of mutuality and wanting to return the favor. Coupons or free gifts in your shopping cart are not just a polite gesture of the company. It’s the promotion campaign, which we are usually not aware of. Is the urge to return the favor greater than common sense?


An eye for an eye


Internet marketing is a complex mechanism, based not only on promotion strategies but also on an extensive number of psychological aspects that help reach consumers. Reciprocity norm is a concept from social psychology, saying that action directed to us by someone, will have its consequences in reciprocating the same behavior to that person. The oldest and widely known example of that norm is an eye for an eye rule from Hammurabi’s code, saying that if one will harm a man’s … Read More

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