The Science behind Writing a Winning First B2B Message

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Delving into B2B marketing can always prove beneficial for your brand. However, writing a powerful B2B message which will appeal to your target audience is another matter entirely. According to Smart Insights, 36% of B2B professionals lack a concrete marketing plan and go for ad hoc marketing instead of planning their content strategy. Additionally, 84% of B2B experts use email marketing as a primary source of lead generation and outreach, with 56% allocating significant budgets to B2B marketing. In fact, 99 Firms reported that almost 50% of total B2B companies allocate 10%> to marketing, with 47% pushing personalization as their top writing strategy.

Whether you’re a small business, a startup, or an international corporation, the post-COVID-19 business landscape is bound to change in favor of stable B2B networking. There is no time like today to learn about how you can write a winning first B2B message and put your brand name out there. Let’s take a look at th… Read More

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