The Social commerce conundrum: Expensive short-term success without repeat business

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Digitally native direct-to-consumer brands are spending thousands of dollars to drive traffic and interest to their brand through Facebook, TikTok and paid influencer partnerships. The social channels and the sites that they are often driving the traffic back to feature perfect photography and carefully crafted graphics.

The common line of thinking is that this is simply the cost of doing business in today’s world, as these “socially born brands” are facing stiff competition and are doing anything that they can do stand out. But is this the right approach?

Most brands have dreams of going viral through an influencer, but the truth is, virality rarely ever happens and brands are left pouring thousands of dollars into TikTok and Facebook just to stay afloat. 

The overlooked part of this cycle is that 98% of new site visitors do not purchase from a brand on their first visit. And while these social commerce brands may be spending thousands of d… Read More

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