The Supreme Guide to Zero-Party Data with Customer Preference Center, part 2: Tools and Tips

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How could one open up new opportunities for preference-based advertising and add a human factor to communication by confronting raw data with the real needs of real customers? The answer is: by emphasizing zero- and first-party data. What are they? Why should you collect them, and how do you do it? Here’s our Supreme Guide that will help you bring more consent to your relationships with customers and multiply your marketing results.

This article is a continuation of Supreme Guide to Zero-Party Data: The What, The How, and The Why>>


Tools to collect zero-party data with the Customer Preference Center


Customer Preference Center allows you to use various built-in tools from the Customer Data Platform to collect information about consumers. You can freely combine and use them to get to know your audience even better.




Beautifully designed pop-ups can help you collect data fo… Read More

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