This Man Got 145 Degrees From Ivy League Universities During The Lockdown

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The year 2020 brought with it many unexpected challenges. When the world was struggling with the pandemic, the most important step taken by the governments of all the countries was to impose a global lockdown.

While many fought their battle with the COVID19, there were many who were able to make most of their time in lockdown. Social media was full of posts of people trying their hand in cooking or learning to dance or even taking up fitness lessons online. With so much time in hand, people were sure to take up this opportunity.

Shafi Vikraman took this time to learn as much as he could. He earned over 140 online certifications, all from overseas universities including  Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, and Wharton among others.

During the lockdown, Shafi enrolled himself in online courses offered by various sites like Coursera and WHO’s learning portal. He completed around 20 courses that dealt with medical, finance, robotics, artificial intell… Read More

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