[Tips & Tricks] How to intertwine website marketing with zero-party data

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As we launched our Customer Preference Center at the beginning of this year, it opened up an entirely new world of hypersegmentation possibilities. Now, the creative utilization of many of our features will enable you to deliver a message always tailored to individual needs and tastes, and turn your CDP into the Customer Intimacy Platform, building long-lasting relationships.

In many of our articles, you will find all kinds of praises for zero-party data. Well, we focused on them for a reason:

it is  the best answer to data privacy regulations and the cookieless eCommerce world, it enables you to create a business model around a very efficient CVL-ROI approach, it’s the only dataset type the companies can honestly call green data

But also:

zero-party data allows you to go back to the roots of commerce, a one-to-one approach to the customer, which is exactly what the overwhelming majority of customers expect from … Read More

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