Tips & Tricks: TOP 20 ready-to-take Workflow templates modeled after top eCommerce performers’ processes

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A proper automation can save your business a lot of marketing dollars. Marketing Workflows are one of the neatest and most effective ways to implement automation in your marketing processes. For those of you who want to get inspired or simply are not workflow-fluent yet, we made 20 ready-to-use templates based on eCommerce top performers’ processes. 


More and more processes get automated: from sales funnel to digital advertising. 


Advertising automation can save businesses $130,000 a year in costs. ( 2022, 80% of all advertising processes will be automated, according to Adobe.Global spending on marketing automation tools is predicted to exceed $25 billion by 2023 — a 14% annual growth rate. (Forrester)Lost productivity and poorly managed leads cost companies over $1 trillion annually, some of which could be saved with database automation software. (CMO Council)


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