Top 10 Most Loved Brands In The World 2022: Talkwalker Hootsuite

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Talkwalker Hootsuite has recently released a report that suggests the brands that have been most loved by people globally. While there were many brands competing to be on the list, Colorbar Cosmetics was the one Indian brand that made it to the top 10 list.

The report was created by Talkwalker’s Consumer Intelligence Acceleration PlatformTM, which measures sentiment and consumer engagement from comprehensive internal and external data, including social media and review sources.

1. Asics

As per the Talkwalker Hootsuite report, Asics invests heavily in social, environmental, and economic sustainability efforts, and this year created a steady stream of high engagement with one stunningly creative campaign after the other.

2. Illy

Illy coffee is one o… Read More

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