Top 5 Best FMCD Brands In India 2022

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For a layman, FMCD is just another term for the often wrongly used term FMCG. While FMCG is more to do with having a shorter life span for their usage, FMCD is a category which has a lasting usage period. As a society, we are highly dependent on FMCD products, while most of us don’t even know much about it. It goes on from the tables and furniture to the Air conditioner and Fans in the household.

A lot of money is spent on this behind FMCD products as they are not bought frequently. But our houses are filled with them. For many, it shows their “class of living” and something that’s ought to be good, utility-wise, and look good with your house too. So here we try to analyze the best FMCD brands in India.

Since there are many brands in India, we’ll have a look at the most often used 5 brands.
1. Voltas
2. Whirlpool
3. Godrej
4. Bajaj Electricals
5. Prestige

You may be having products from at least from one brand or all brand… Read More

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