Top Email Marketing Trends for 2022

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To the outsiders, it can sometimes feel like email hasn’t changed that much since it was created. Maybe this is why some are so persistent in predicting its death every time a new flashy communications platform comes around. How many times have we heard the “it’s the end of email” mantra?

And yet, here we are, 51 years later, getting ready to uncover new email marketing trends that will help you set your email program apart in 2022 and build stronger relationships with your customers.

So if, like us, you also think the end of email is just another conspiracy theory, worry not. We’ve recapped all the essential email marketing trends so you can start the New Year off strong: from old friends that make this list every year – we’re looking straight at you, personalization – to new developments that got us all talking and theorizing in the second half of 2021 (open rates, anyone?).

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