Use the full potential of Custom Modal Designer. 5 tricks that will make your pop-ups more distinctive

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It’s been proven that pop-ups, if used wisely, may improve the conversion even by 44%. One of their advantages in comparison to, for example, emails, is that they can’t be ignored. They can also be widely customized. Our feature, Custom Modal Designer, is here to help you create innovative pop-ups that will grow your audience and engage them instead of irritating them.


This very useful tool allows for the creation of highly customizable and personalized pop-ups. It makes it possible for selected user groups to view pop-ups containing exclusive offers based on their website activity and CRM data. Thanks to an easy-to-use, intuitive designer, you can monitor where, when, by whom, and what offer is to be seen. Moreover, if you know some tricks, you can actually spice it up a bit and get better results.


Limit your Input Fields and adjust them thanks to our progressive forms


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