We raised $12M in funding. What’s next?

Sourced from: http://blog.amplemarket.com/funding/


I am proud to share with you great news. We have raised $12M in back-to-back Seed and Series A investment rounds co-led by Comcast Ventures and Armilar Venture Partners. We couldn’t be more excited about Amplemarket’s growth plan and the impact it will have on our customers.

But before we jump into what’s going to happen, I would like to share with you some context of how far we’ve come.

Amplemarket was born from the idea of making the complicated, simple.


Luis, Mica, and I, as co-founders of Amplemarket, had to learn sales the hard way. We are entrepreneurs with a scientific background who realized that sales teams were spending an unjustified amount of time on repetitive administrative tasks. The solutions out there were scattered, and there was a need fo… Read More

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