What Is an Email Blast?

Sourced from: https://www.constantcontact.com/blog/email-blast/

If your email marketing campaign hasn’t been the major success you were hoping for, you may be guilty of sending email blasts rather than using your messages to nurture genuine relationships with your customers. 

Spam accounts for roughly 45.1% of all emails, with advertising accounting for 36% of these throwaway messages. This means billions of emails marked by their recipients as spam are typically harmless marketing attempts. By sending email blasts, companies may inadvertently annoy their customers rather than nurture leads. 

Know if the emails you’re sending are being categorized as spam. Read on to learn how to create quality emails that your customers will actually open.

What is an email blast? 

There’s a difference between email marketing and sending out an email blast. Email marketing can be incredibly profitable for companies, with a $36 return on investment for every dollar spent. That’s because these marketing emails invol… Read More

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