Why doesn’t Zoom have advertising in it?

Sourced from: https://www.clickz.com/why-doesnt-zoom-have-advertising-in-it/265177/

30-second summary:

Why hasn’t advertising made its way into virtual meeting tools?
As work-from-home models and distributed workforces continue to be prevalent, why wouldn’t brands start assessing video conferencing platforms as another distribution channel and opportunity to gain mindshare?
What are the privacy implications of this potentially broader advertising landscape?

Wake up, open the phone and start flipping through email, news, and social feeds. Turn on the TV and catch the morning shows. Hop on the Peloton for a quick ride or run. Make your way to your computer and begin your workday: email, websites, and one video conference after another on Zoom, Teams, WebEx, and half a dozen other platforms. Have dinner, then flipping through sites on your tablet or maybe a game on the Xbox, before settling into an evening of reading or watching another screen.

That’s the routine for so many of us in 2021, a large part of our days staring at one screen after another. … Read More

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