Why domain-level “intent” can mislead the buyer journey analysis

Sourced from: https://www.clickz.com/why-domain-level-intent-can-mislead-the-buyer-journey-analysis/266000/

30-second summary:

Relying solely on domain-level intent is potentially a flawed method
How can businesses go beyond domain-level intent and actually uncover the decision-making individual’s intent?
With a fast-approaching, cookieless future ABM needs to move beyond lead qualification based on form fills and start exploring more avenues that are intent rich

As a marketing stack, technological advances in account-based marketing (ABM) have enabled marketers to capture and apply the “intent” of prospective buyers. Typically, the tech captures data from digital ad clicks/impressions and website clicks, and then reveals that information at the “domain-level” by matching IP addresses.

And while you can certainly aggregate “intent signals” yourself using two or more apps, it’s far more scalable to pay an intent provider processing billions of these digital actions to measure “domain-level intent” for you. Once you identify the most engaged domains with y… Read More

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