Why Should Lean Marketing Be The Way To Go for Your eCommerce?

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First, there was Lean Manufacturing, then Lean Management. This constituted the common understanding of the term Lean, which means achieving goals without costly waste or surpluses—of time, resources, or effort. Lean Marketing is about all that, plus it draws from the Agile project management style. Lean Marketing is also much easier to do when you have a customer data platform (CDP).


Where did it come from?


The term Lean Marketing was popularized by Eric Ries. Although the lean concept is popular in the science of management, thus far it has been associated mainly with the context of lean manufacturing, which boils down to reducing waste in the production process and keeping stock at the minimum possible level, or lean management, where it means “shortening” decision-making processes by, for example, changing the organization from a lean form (multi-level, bureaucratic) to flat (with a small number of levels and a smal… Read More

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