With His Company Falling Apart, There Was Nothing Chris Penny Would Rather Be Doing

Sourced from: https://www.activecampaign.com/blog/lawn-authorities-chris-penny

This story is part of a series called The Climb that highlights entrepreneurs and the challenges they face as they launch, grow, and scale their ideas. Each story explores the inspiration, the struggle, and the obstacles they face on the journey upward.

It all began with the grocery store

Chris Penny’s lawn care business began with his job at the local grocery store. He was in high school and working at the store to make some extra cash. The store was poorly managed and as a result, the people who worked there weren’t very nice.

“The meat guys would play these games where somebody would call to ask the price of something, and they would put the phone down and have a 10 minute conversation just to make the person wait. They thought it was funny, but it was just nasty.”

Chris was appalled at what was happening around him on a daily basis. This was his first job and he didn’t have any other idea of what a job looked like. His… Read More

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