You don’t need to create a course. Here are 9 other digital products that make bank

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You feel the pressure to create one…

I mean, with them being all the rage…

…that’s about the only digital product that’s capable of making you income right?


There are plenty of different types of digital products you can create.

Somehow we all fall into the courses trap.

Our first product has to be a course because everyone tells you so right?

Well, I fell into the courses trap too.

Thinking back, I should have gone a different route. I should have first created a low-risk product that my audience can buy, to experience my paid content.

(Read this and this if you’re interested in hearing about tips and mistakes you’re likely making with your digital product launch)

So if you’re feeling all that pressure to create a course, but don’t quite feel ready or know if it’s the right thing for you, this post is an exploration … Read More

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